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The IPL Broadcasting Rights 2020, an intensely debatable topic when it comes to talk about the Indian Premier League. So, to solve this debate, IPLCricketIndia is back with IPL Broadcasting Rights 2020: ipl media rights, channels list, price, countries. This post will cover everything from ipl broadcasting rules 2020 to ipl broadcasting channel 2020.

Well, when it comes to knowing about where to see the Indian Premier League live streaming you might think of who has the right to broadcast ipl it on the television. You might feel that it is very easy to just go out and record and display the Indian Premier League matches, Right? Well, no. Everything revolves around the IPL Broadcasting rights.
Since its the ipl 2020 edition that’s gonna come, we are going to talk about the Indian premier league broadcasting rights 2020 in this post. But before that do turn on the notification subscription from the bottom left side of the page. Also, you might visit our other articles on ipl 2020 schedule pdf download, ipl auction 2020 and ipl winners list from 2008 to 2019 as well.

IPL Broadcasting Rights 2020 Price

The ipl broadcasting rights 2020 price is a great factor in deciding the main ipl broadcaster who will ultimately get the ipl media rights. If you don’t know, then, ipl is one of the most-watched cricket tournaments in the whole world.
You might be thinking about the ipl broadcasting rights 2020 price right? So, lets quickly tell you about it. So, basically, the ipl broadcasting rights 2020 price is based on viewership and the revenue that can be generated from the audience watching it.
The Sony Pictures Networks and World Sport Group originally held the Indian Premier League broadcast rights at an estimated partnership of US$1.026 billion for 10 years tenure.
The deal was that the Sony Pictures Network would be the domestic television broadcaster while the World Sports Group would handle all the international distribution of the ipl broadcasting

IPL Channel Broadcasters

You might be thinking about what will we cover about in the ipl channel broadcasters section, then lookout for it. As we are going to share with you the complete journey of ipl channel broadcasting rights or the ipl media rights in general. So, lets quickly dive into the ipl channel broadcasters journey.
It was 2016 when The Sony network was on its hights. The Sony MAX, Sony SIX, and Sony ESPN served as the domestic broadcasters of the IPL, as per the contract with the World Sports Group in 2008. The Sony MAX used to broadcast in the Hindi language while the Sony SIX used to broadcast in the Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu languages.
The Sony ESPN channel used to broadcast English related ipl content in its channel. The Sony Entertainment Group also produced an entertainment-based extra pre and post television shows. Also known as the talk show and the Extraaa Innings T20 which was based on the previous and the ongoing Indian Premier League match analysis by famous cricketers and cricket experts.
The Indian Premier League became a major television channel media within India. The Sony MAX entertainment channel due to the ipl match broadcasting became the most rated and watched television channels in the country as soon as the ipl tournament used to commence in the country. In 2016 the annual advertising revenue surpassed of the Sony Entertainment Group had surpassed ₹1,200 crore.
Also, the viewership number was expected to hike in the 2016 season. Also In ipl 2016 season, The Sony Entertainment Group broadcasts had achieved over 1 billion impressions. This showed how much was the potential of the ipl broadcasting rights for the domestic IPL Channel Broadcasters in India.
You may also visit the Indian Premier League official website here.

Star India – The new IPL Channel Broadcasters with the ipl media rights

It was the 4th of September in 2017 when the Indian Premier League managing committee, BCCI had announced that Star India, had acquired the ipl global media rights of the Indian Premier League under a five-year contract. beginning in 2018. The deal was valued from around ₹163.475 billion at that time.
Also, it was a 158% increase in revenue of the Indian Premier League over the previous deal. And so came the most expensive broadcast rights deal in the history of cricket and the Indian Premier League Broadcasting Section which you are reading now. Dosen;t it seems like a story? Well, continue reading about The new IPL Channel Broadcasters and IPL Media Rights and you will find more to come.
The Indian Premier League had sold their rights in different packages such as that of domestic television, domestic digital, and international rights. You might not know one thing though. Guess What?
While Sony had held the highest bid for domestic television, Facebook had also made a US$600 million bid for domestic digital rights for the Indian Premier League. But, to this bid, unfortunately, The U.S. media had interpreted it a sign that the social network was being interested in pursuing professional sports rights. So, unfortunately, the Star India Group was the only bidder left out of the 14 shortlisted bids for all three categories ipl broadcasting rights 2020.
Soon, The Star Group CEO, Mr. Uday Shankar stated that the Indian Premier League was a “very powerful property”. He also stated that the Star Group would always “remain very committed to making sure that the growth of sports in this country”.

Concerns Regarding the IPL Broadcasting rights

You might think that everything is so much sorted in the Indian Premier League, then what is the problem. What are the concerns regarding the Indian Premier League. Right? Well, the deal that was made by The Star group led to concerns. As the Star India now holds a monopoly in major cricket rights in the country. Such as ipl media rights, ipl broadcasting rights and it is also the rightsholder of ICC competitions and the Indian national team.
The Star network also aimed to broadcast IPL-related shows daily until the start of the season. So, the viewership of the player auction which was also featured as pre- and post-auction reactions and analysis. Like the Sony Entertainment, to engage the audience, Star Sports also introduced broadcast Game Plan: In Your City specials.
Star Sports also started focusing more on the Indian Premier League and behind-the-scenes coverage of the IPL teams. The Star network also introduced a new studio program known as The Dugout, which was broadcasting ipl match coverage and analysis.
The Star India broadcasts every IPL matches live and online in India with its top-rated video streaming platform, The Hotstar. Though ipl matches are also available on Jio TV and Airtel TV apps on smartphones. But, during the 2019 ipl season, streaming viewership on Hotstar broke all records even exceeding 10 million concurrent viewership often.

IPL Broadcast Rights 2020 Channels List

The ipl broadcast rights 2020 channels list was a major concern to most of our viewers. We here at IPLCricketIndia believe in in-depth posts and clear knowledge and understanding. So, we made our studies and brought you the complete ipl broadcast rights 2020 channels list.
I am sure that you might not be knowing the ipl broadcast rights 2020 channels list complete list. This list will cover ipl broadcasting rights for every country and region where ipl matches are shown. Indian Premier League is a Twenty20 cricket league that has managed to reach ipl global broadcasters.
Due to an insanely large fan base across the world. The ipl media rights were widely distributed globally to entertainment its infinite fan base.
1IndiaEnglish SS1 + SS1
English (Select 1 SD + Select 1 HD)
Hindi (SS1 Hindi + SS!HD Hindi
Tamil (SS1 Tamil)
Kannada (Suvarna Plus)
Bengali (Jalsha Movies (SD)
Telegu (Maa Movies)
4CaribbeanFlow TVFlowtv.com, Flow Sports App
5UKSky Sportsskysports.com, skygo
6Sub Saharan AfricaSupersportSupersport.com, Supersport App
7MENABeIN SportBeIN connect
8PakistanGeo Super
9BangladeshChannel 9Channel 9
10AustraliaFox Sports
foxsports.com.au, Foxtel GO
11Australia, Europe, SE Asia & South AmericaYupp TV
12New ZealandSky Sportswww.skygo.co.nz,fanpass.co.nz,www.sky.co.nz
13AfghanistanLemar TV
14Global (Ex Indian Sub Continent)Cricket Radio
15UAE89.1 Radio 4 FM, Gold 101.3 FM

How to get Indian Premier League broadcasting rights

Everyone, including me, was very eager, if the potential of the Indian Premier League is so much then even I should think of how to get ipl broadcasting rights. Well, the ipl broadcasting rights are currently with the Star Group till 2022 and may be renewed after that.
However, as the ipl media rights expire, the Indian Premier League will definitely hold an auction for the ipl broadcasting rights. So, big companies bid there to get ipl broadcasting rights in thousands of crores. Well, I think you might have got your answer on how to get ipl broadcasting rights.
Also, you are free to ask any queries regarding how to get ipl broadcasting rights in the comments below.

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